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Arc Audio Moto CX69 6×9 Speakers

Arc Audio Moto CX69 6×9 Speakers

Moto series CX69 speakers deliver an enhanced level of balanced output and efficiency over the previous design with improved mid-bass extension and accuracy, with complete attention given to the open environment applications speakers in this category, are designed for.
Based on a reimagined design, these next-gen speakers handle more power and shrug off water, dust, and debris better than their predecessors. They are technically a component speaker set with the tweeter mounted on a bridge above the woofer. The benefit of this design is a significant increase in the woofer cone area that improves efficiency and enhances low-frequency output capabilities. The elimination of the second weather-resistant surround around a coaxial pole piece found on its predecessor, the Moto692, provides an additional improvement in sound quality.

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